Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let It Snow..Let It Snow..Let It Snow!

I adore the snow! Yes I am a snow lover. I don't care how much we get at all as a matter a fact I demand more! I would be happy to be snowed in, for all thats worth. Here in Pennsylvania it either snows really alot then it all melts or it looks as if we may get 3 feet and we get something that resembles a dusting of snow or lately we have been getting NOTHING at all! It started yesterday and has just kept coming over night. Not a lot just here and there. My hubby has been growling for 3 weeks or so about the snow blower we purchased and have not yet been able to use. Sorry for that Mr. Cottage Dreams. Hey maybe your dreams will soon come true. Well if we keep our fingers crossed we may, just may be skiing and snowboarding our way into the New Year. Can't wait for that! So until that really big snow arrives, keep warm, stay away from sick people (the nurse in me) and for goodness sakes WEAR A HAT! (Thats the old person and mother in me) Go out and build a snowman, find that perfect tree, throw snowballs or just take a walk in the snow. Shoo, go now, don't waste another moment. The clocks a ticking. Soon winter and another year will be gone. Have a simply wonderful week, with NO stress. If you are having it you are doing something wrong….so get rid of it! Family is all that matters, nothing else!

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