Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It’s Going To Be A Long Winter

Since I have a little OCD going on sometimes it is hard for me to get up and get moving on a project. Problem being it has to be well…just so, to say it mildly. Color has to be right, the shapes have to be right, the positioning of things have to be right, the angle of furniture has to be right and so on and so forth and so on. And boy does it ever go on. I looked for a solid year for the perfect couch, what an experience that was. Mr Cottage Dreams is absolutely ecstatic that it is here. Now he’s not allowed to sit on it, that’s another story. The couch is white and his job requires he get all black and dirty. OK ladies enough said! No sitting on the couch dear! Our new couch is almost exact to the above picture except it has a skirt. I love it he hates it! It’s a woman’s world sorry guys! Anyways back to the picture I of course LOVE the couch but even more I really get a lot of inspiration from the picture on the wall….thinking maybe the old windows taking up room in our garage!
I am currently working on a project right now very close to the one above. My container is a heart shape and causing me some distress. It will be fine I just need to remember to breathe when it falls left or right continuously. I’m still searching for the right picture holder thingy. I did a fall arrangement. Guess you could do all seasons or holidays with a little changing of the foliage. It’s going to be a long winter!
Several of these in a bathroom would make beautiful towel racks. I love it.
I really hope I’m not stepping on any toes but if I have your picture here that means I just adore it! And thanks so much for the inspiration that comes from your beautiful photos. Just leave me a comment and I will be happy to link back to your blog! This is a magnetic photo board made from 2 sheets of sheet metal. I  was reading that it can be found at your local Home Depot…awesome! This is a great idea and I do really love it! Hope your week is going well and hope all your cottage dreams are coming true!

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