Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Dreaming


I have so dreamed of including this beautiful piece of furniture in my back entrance to my home. If it takes me a year it will be there, I just love it! I may decorate just a little different using baskets, but pretty much I would like to build one very similar! Ah!


Inspiration! Many ideas in this photo! Love that slip covered chair. I really love that table as well. Beautiful. Peaceful.


I think I included this photo in another post. Well here it is again….what does this tell you? I love, love, love it! Cozy and comfy.


I’m working on it. I can do it. Oh my! Love those pictures and that beautiful shelf. Colors are perfect together. Soothing.


Actually we just finished painting a beautiful cedar blanket chest with this beautiful color. It really just pops in the room. Makes a statement as soon as you walk into the room.


Just want to sit right down and stay for a while…How about you?


It’s back…Ah! Phooey! It’s following me…eek!


The sofa and pillows are simply it!


The inset is just lovely and oh so cozy!


Lesson to me…more shelves. Apparently I am shelf poor. I redid my pantry several weeks ago and hey…something is missing. Looks almost like mine except, I have 400 more cooking pans and bowls and appliances, Hey we love to cook. Maybe I should just ring up Mr.Cottage Dreams and say honey, more shelves please. I’m his favorite you know!


OK so we are going nautical in our all season porch. I was just wondering where do I purchase this lovely little creature or make that creatures. I will take the rug and the sconces and the flag picture. Cha ching!


I give up!



Lovely little pillows…I can do that to. Dear lord can I have another 50 years please?


Have the bench…don’t have the time…will make it!

I just adore making our house a home. I just love it when someone comes to our home and say’s you should be in a magazine. Your house is beautiful. Praise the lord for the knowledge and strength. I am so very blessed. Hope you found some ideas. There are so many you just have to find the things you love the most. Mix some old and some new. That’s cottage decorating. Have a great week and God bless!


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  1. Ooooh.....I want that flag picture, too! I love it. You have a lot of good pictures here and I am impressed that you can build your own furniture! I love your blog, I'll be back to look at more real soon, right now I have to go get some peanut butter cookies out of the oven!


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