Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day To All!

Mothering, the most rewarding and wonderful jobs of all. 5 children and 29 years later since I first became a mom, I can truly say I have been blessed thousands of times over. I have also endured many tears and many heartbreaks as well. All part of being a mother. So many times we take for granted the time that we have and do not stop to just reflect on how blessed we are. As in all of life are greatest treasures are, our children.Our next greatest treasure is the honor of being called...Mother! God bless each mother on this day and always. May you find the strength you need to always find the humor in every crisis situation and the creativity that bubbles over from the scribbling little human being standing before you with marker in hand and a beautiful beaming piece of art...on your newly painted wall. Laugh mothers, there just isn't enough time for anything else. Before you know it, your baby's having a baby. Keep every moment precious as every child is precious. Just enjoy being called....Mother! Enjoy the video...I did! Taylor Swift ...Best Day with lyrics

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