Saturday, July 10, 2010

What To Do When Your Baby Is Having A Baby!

Panic! That is what you do! Well it’s what I have been doing! I have not posted a single post since Mother’s Day. I have been focused on Momma and baby. It’s all I see and all I know at this very moment. Well then I have also been enjoying my family and not blogging so much! Life is so very short and I think I loose to much when I am focused on posting and not on my priority...Family! So family it is! But this is something so near and dear to me. I had my reservations at first they are very young, but God has a plan! It has always been in his hands as it is now. I believe and have faith it will all come to be as it will be. Here they are momma, daddy and baby! So beautiful to me.IMG_1341 Many things really were wearing hard on my heart about this whole situation at first, let me count the ways. I was angry, furious, upset, hurt, etc, etc, etc. I thought and I prayed and I thought and I prayed. The thoughts are what got me in the most trouble so I prayed again! Then there was this:IMG_1332
And this:IMG_1335
And finally this:IMG_1355
Then I think I felt overcome with the fact that my baby is having a baby and I just couldn’t have ever really liked the fact that she just wasn’t MY LITTLE GIRL any more. She just may be his! I really hate that I have to ever let my children go …but I do! There is something that a mother feels when they are about to leave the nest…empty and lost! She’s my 2nd best friend, how do I loose her now? So many things raced through my mind. Now I am just OK I guess with it. I have to be I don’t have a choice. And I am just going to be OK because she will always be my baby first!

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