Monday, November 9, 2009

Brilliant! Discovery Of The Century!

Discovery of the day, the month or just possibly the century. Yeah! I am excited. Probably really far behind but it's OK as long as it is here, I am just that excited. It changes life as we know it at our cottage. I was reading this morning about menu planning, which I have been doing for a really long time. Now we have the easiest way to do it and make it far more exciting for our family. 2 discoveries, Google Calendar and RecipeZaar. Yeah the computer is a genius. First I can find my recipes on RecipeZaar, change quantities if I want, make a shopping list and then copy it to my Google calendar for future reference and also to make our life a lot easier, since I am a full time working momma. I am dancing and jumping up and down. Finally someone else will HELP me with my job! Loving it. It is so easy to use both the calendar and the RecipeZaar site. A link for you to find this great website:
Please take a look below at my calendar, which is in process, but with all the great recipes, where does one start?
Start today saving recipes share them with family and friends. Make life just a little more simple for you and yours.

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