Thursday, November 19, 2009

(In)Courage: Inconvenient Gratitude

 I think this is a blog more than worthy of our time. It is uplifting, motivating and thought provoking. And in these times we all need a little of that. (In) Courage is great reading. It is good for the heart and great for our minds. So if you have a few moments go over and check it out, you will not be sorry you did...I wasn't! So this season and throughout the holidays lets all think about what we are truly thankful for and whether we truly are thankful! Here is a small excerpt from the post....

 Am I thankful? 

Sure I am. As long as it’s convenient.

As long as the gift-giver is within ear’s reach of my thank you. And as long as what I’m thankful for is good, comfortable, pleasant and smells great.

I never thank anyone for rolling over my toe with their cart in the grocery store or thank someone for an unkind word. And I never thank God for struggles.

(In)Courage: Inconvenient Gratitude

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