Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome To Our Family Chino And Chico

Chino and Chico are Toy Fox Terrier and Chihuahua. Otherwise known as Taco Terriers. Who would have thought! They are a wonderful addition to our family. So full of boundless energy and excitement. The poodles HATE them and stay as far away as possible. Spoiled a little I might say. Just as they should be of course. OK so our children are at that age where no one wants to cuddle, no one even wants to stay around. It’s all about friends, friends and more friends. Mom is adjusting. OK she’s not. Actually Chico was our youngest daughters 16th birthday present. The chocolate and white is Chico, Chico the terror. Chino is very mellow. Cuddler’s they are! Very fragile weighing about 2 lbs each. It’s scary at times stepping on them would mean tragedy for them. They are a handful literally. 10 weeks old and both boys, oh my!
IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1110
Welcome Chino and Chico to our family. Many years of love you will bring us! Thank Heaven For Little Boys!

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