Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Mothers Greatest Nightmare

This is the most powerful, saddening clip I have seen. This happens everyday all across the world. None of us are safe as you will see. Cell phones and texting while driving, we know its horrifying, what do we do. Contact your state reps, congress if you have to. They are currently in the process as we speak of making a law to stop it. We really need to push this one. Will it stop them, for the sake of everyone on the road, we would hope.

Show this to every teen and adult you know. Pass it around and then pass it back. Hopefully it will stick in their heads. For the sake of all please contact your state rep and say, what can I do. If there has not already been a law put in action push for one. This needs to stop and it needs to stop right now for all our sakes. The senseless deaths are astounding. It takes a lot to make me cry, this made me come to tears instantly. I have 5 children. They can say they don't do it but I know better. I can't even imagine the call from this. To see your child like this. I personally would never survive this heartbreak. Please view this with everyone you know again and again until they get the point, it's an important one and it may mean your child's life.

In Pennsylvania and these areas, Michele Brooks, State Representative for the 17th District. 17th District comprises part of Mercer County, consisting of the townships of Coolspring, Deer Creek, East Lackawannock, Fairview, French Creek, Greene, Hempfield, Jackson, Jefferson, Lake, Mill Creek, New Vernon, Otter Creek, Perry, Salem, Sandy Creek, Sandy Lake, Sugar Grove, West Salem, Wilmington and Worth, as well as the boroughs of Fredonia, Greenville, Jackson Center, Jamestown, New Lebanon, Sandy Lake, Sheakleyville and Stoneboro. The district also includes part of Crawford County, consisting of the townships of East Fallowfield, Fairfield, Greenwood, North Shenango, South Shenango, Vernon, West Fallowfield and West Shenango and the borough of Cochranton. In addition, the 17th District also includes part of Lawrence County, consisting of the townships of Washington and Wilmington and the boroughs of New Wilmington and Volant. Please mother to mother, stop this.

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