Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Little Mercedes Girl...I Always Knew

I call home last night after receiving a message that said, I really have to tell you something mom, from my youngest. Call home on your break as soon as possible. I'm a nurse now come on. I don't have breaks I have quick sits. Not to be mistaken with a real break where you sit and put your feet up and go aw, that feels so good. Our buts hit the chair and there someone stands before you, so and so needs pain medication, such and such wants to talk to you, and on and on. NO BREAK, its over. So back to my story, I finally call home and no one answers. Oh my. Then the news. My baby girl is now a model for Mercedes Benz. YES, did I say...YES. She has a year contract and I am just glowing with pride. The car is awesome. Have you ever said to your kid....hey honey can I borrow the Benz. Heated seats, neck warmers, leather and just as gorgeous as her. She is truly where she belongs. Best of luck to my baby girl. Just remember, momma always knew you were the most gorgeous girl ever. I guess my secrets out. I am so happy and just so proud. Show off that smile it's beautiful. But throw on some clothes per your father.

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