Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roosters And More Roosters....Oh My!

I started a few years back saying, you know what, I really kinda like those roosters. My husband and I were at a little country shop and a few just caught my eye.  KINDA! I really did. Now I have become over run with the little fellows. They are here, there and everywhere.

My best friend in the whole world got wind of this and oh dear there were more and more and more. Last year at Christmas I finally said to everybody, lets just kill the rooster remark in its I love the little fellows but there running all over my kitchen. They have even filtered into the other rooms in the house, dining room, mudroom and storage. I just can't house them all the coops to small for hundreds of roosters. My kids especially get a kick out of the sign above my sink. Dirty minds that they have at this age. So that's enough with the obsession...IT IS OVER my dear family and friends. I love you all for your donations. Here are a few of my little critters I do love them all but not enough to get them as PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS! So here are a few of my favorite roosters.

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