Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cork Boards Are Up….That’s One For Me!

These were really easy and create a great place for me to post our weekly menu and shopping list. Of course there has to be schedules and eek…Bills! I said it. How I hate,love those things. This cabinet always scares me I organize it then organize again. This all means I’m not happy with it. I’ll work on that one I guess. I have managed to make my entire house a shambles. I have each and every room tore apart. Like a squirrel preparing for winter I guess. It will all come together. As I mentioned before we are in the process of remodeling our front porch. Soon to be enclosed front porch. What a project! My hubby doesn’t know it…Shhh! I want to redo our kitchen. I being the key word there. Painting, down with the wallpaper. Something fresh and new. Well back to my hundred other projects I have started.

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