Monday, September 28, 2009

A Few Of Katie's Cottage Dreams

Here are just a few beautiful and inspiring photos and maybe a project for you to start in the near future. Hope you find something that you can't live without or that you may be able to do from a found object thats just laying around and collecting dust. Happy Monday ladies!

Organization. I could only wish that my pantry was this large. That will come when I buy my old barn and renovate it. Around 2050. Hey it's a dream.
Here is a mud room/ entrance to die for. I just love the white. I am in love with white. One of my changes in color theory as I got older. I am a little weirder about organization as well. It's an even worse obsession. Ask my sis! Last night I was organizing the spices. Worked out well though. I would just love to have this on a smaller version in my back porch. I'm looking for al the right things. Free or cheap of course.
I actually have a little alcove type bed my hubby built in the spare bedroom. This idea is simply perfect. I just want to crawl into this bed and never leave. So cozy and inviting. Love, love, love it!
Beautiful cottage bench made from an old head and foot board from a bed. If you remember I posted a tutorial for one not to long ago. Would help a lot if you were considering trying one yourself. This bench just says cottage.
This my friends is not only the color I want for the entrance but the layout as well. This is my favorite of all. I had so many photos I was dying to display and just could not figure what was the most beautiful way to do it then poof here it was. I even have the bench which is very similar but has a higher back. Just got to love this. So inspiring. Love the baby as well.
Of course you recognize Martha's Vineyard. This most likely is a picture of a spot in her home, which is stunning. I wonder if Martha made the chair? Not sure but since I am now in love with the color blue again and the bead board. I cannot forget puffy sofas and wingback chairs.....ahhhh! I would be so at home in this little areas. My new front porch has a very similar look. Due to be finished spring of 2010 or possibly before. Depends on me and how fast I move and how fast my hubby saws. Can't wait.
Well have a glorious Monday! Stop back and see some more inspiring photos or just look aroung a little never know what you will find.

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