Friday, September 4, 2009

School Time…Already

He just excels at all that he attempts. I am always so very proud of each of my children. They astonish me always. This was track. I hate being negative in my own thoughts at times but what I was thinking (not saying) was, oh no, I hope this isn’t like the Heely’s. That’s another story. Or like skateboarding or professional BMX biking, oh my! But it wasn’t, it was like state champ in pole vaulting stuff! Go figure. Yes my baby boy holds the state record for pole vaulting. He was tremendous this day, as always to mom. This is what working mothers miss. Yes I missed this…boo! I did cry over that one. It happens so fast they grow and do things without you and life passes. The pride will always remain no matter what!
This is September 2009. What will he do this year? He of course had to have a hair cut (thank God) I mean better for him with the helmet! It’s not so hot for him. He was in a phase…long, long hair.

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