Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekend Project…The Kitchen Pantry


This is a mess. I hate it and it makes me nervous. They say in my family that I am OCD with cleanliness. I disagree.

IMG_0894 I am absolutely overwhelmed when I see this. OCD. Of course so is the rest of the family they just don’t say it like I do or as well! I hate this pantry.

IMG_0935Well last weekend its time was up. It was getting an overhaul if it killed me. It did. But apparently I’m alive enough to type. And I am so very happy with the way it turned out. That’s how it goes in this old house one room and one day at a time.  IMG_0936I picked a beautiful very pale yellow for my walls, light and bright. Cheery I love cheery. I hate drab colors and I’m not partial to bright crayon colors either. I’m a country old fashioned girl.


The door is a work in progress. I can’t decide. Paint it or varnish and stain ? Have to think about that one.

IMG_0938From mass destruction, which the entire family was mad at me for to total organization and peace. That was the goal here organization and pretty. I had more comments during this phase then any. How do I find my….Where the heck is the….Mom what are you doing with this….I and my OCD self had to worry. Have I infected the entire household? I think.   IMG_0945

This made everything worth it. Everything has it’s place. I can easily find exactly what I need. No more guessing. But my temporary labels have to go. Sorry masking tape you do not cut it for me. I throw out so much garbage. Now the garbage man will hate me, and that’s OK!


Even my baking pans have an area no more piles…yes! I’m working on this.IMG_0949

Complete and I am thrilled. This old house is coming along rather nicely. And the work never stops. But I love it and my family does as well. Mission accomplished.

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