Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pretty Pillows


Pillows are my absolute favorite. They make the home cozy and just beautiful. They create personalization. I love to create them. The pillow with the “R” was created out of recycled fabrics. Sheets. It is so great when you can take something you may be ready to toss and create a beautiful project. This is actually a project I created in 2008. It is still displayed in my home and an absolute favorite. My plan is to start creating lots more as soon as I gut my studio/ office...again. I'm just not happy with it. it's not comfortable for me. This project is starting A.S.A.P. I hate disorganization and clutter. As if you haven't caught this one already. Working full time as a nurse makes all projects difficult to accomplish but I push on. Fall is upon us already and I better get busy.

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