Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Reveal....Back In Black

This project just about killed me. I really thought, how long can this project take? Behold, 1-1/2 weeks was the answer. Not my original thought of ...oh I can whip this one out in...4 hours, no problem. Huh!!!Well as usual there are always problems. You start out and well, this needs to go and that needs to be different..etc...etc. But then in the end I found this object that I can't stop looking at. It was beautiful before when the room was a different room. Now it is beautiful in this room.This is originally 2 pieces, who would have known. They were paired together and came out as one really pretty china cabinet. You just never know!  I love, love, love this project and the outcome. 

Even changed out my china. All blue. I love it!


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